Diwali Celebration At TechXperts – Year 2021

We at TechXperts celebrate every festival with great fun and enthusiasm. We celebrate almost every festival together at our workplace, but when it comes to Diwali, there is the next level of excitement! Undoubtedly, TechXperts arrange a grand celebration of Diwali for their employees cum families every year. Let’s discuss how we enjoyed Diwali 2021 at our office.

When it is Diwali and we don’t decorate our office. Sound something wrong right. So we decorated our office, as we do every year. We decorated the office with some colorful lights, some diyas, etc. That year we celebrated with some different activities. We had arranged a drawing competition and that on the pots! Yes, everyone painted pots with various ideas. And from them we chose one winner. We also played some one-minute games. We arranged some surprise gifts for every employee. So in 2021, we distributed some surprise gifts to our employees.

We also fired some crackers in the evening (eco-friendly as we know about the pollution). We had some delicious food together & captured all the good moments as photos, making memories for a lifetime. This is how we celebrated Diwali at our office; you can also see the video in which there are memories of our Diwali celebration.